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Welcome to Ken and Connie Eggers’s website. Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you and hope you enjoy this site. We look forward to continuing to add photos and memories as time goes on! Thank you for all you have done for our family! You deserve many more years of happiness!

Ken and Connie have led an interesting life together -- one the high school sweethearts from a little wheat farming community in western Kansas probably never dreamed of! From Frankfurt, Germany where their first child was born while Ken served in the Army, to Saudi Arabia during the 1970s, to the deep south of Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia, they have traveled the world together while raising two kids with lots of love and laughter. Even though there were tough times, family was first, loyalty mattered, and love prevailed. All who have known them are fortunate indeed.
Congrats!!!  / Gina Crittenden (Daughter)
Congratulations Mom and Dad! I am so happy for you and glad you finally took your special cruise! Here's to many more years of happiness! Much love, Missy.
Congratulations!  / Greg Crittenden (Son-in-law)
I am proud of you and love you both! Congratulations on your 40th anniversary!
Time Flies!   / Julie Eggers (Sister-in-law)
Can't believe it's been 40 years! Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!
Love, love, love...   / Anna &. Rachel (Grandaughters)
We love you Doe and Pa! Happy Anniversary!
We've been looking for you two!   / Bob &. Margie Schmitt (Friends)
We have been trying to reach you since our Alaskan cruise, but apparently your e-mail address was incorrectly listed.  We've tried several times without success.   We have pictures for you.... and besides, we really wanted to keep in t...  Continue >>
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Golden Moments
Weekly Treat  
There are so many special memories, so I will just start with a few. Mom and our weekly "treat." If Steve and I were good, we would each get a small, shot-glass size cup of pepsi that was flat and stale. We thought it was very special until we visited other kids' houses where they drank glass after glass of fresh bubbly coca-cola! We still tease mom about our mistreatment!
No guts, no glory!  
We could never complain about anything to Dad. If we said that something was too hard, we got the infamous, "if you haven't tried, you've already failed" speech. Or if something risky was about to be attempted, there was the infamous "no guts, no glory" quote!
Times of Need  
I am so fortunate to have had you both to rely on over the years. When we were going to China to pick up the girls, you both were by our side, ready to go on another adventure and help us with your granddaughters. When our house was hit by lightning and destroyed by fire, you opened your newly finished home and welcomed us without question so that we never worried where we would live during that tumultous time. Now that we face more uncertainity with Delta's diffculties, you are there for us once again, willing to help in whatever way you can. Thank you for always being there for me. You are the best!
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